Home to the Museum of White Carniola

The Metlika Castle, home to the Museum of White Carniola, connects three town squares in the heart of Metlika. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1456.


During Turkish invasions in the 15. and 16. century the castle played a crucial defensive role. For a period of time it was owned by the Frankopan family and later by the cathedral chapter of Zagreb. In the 18. century its ownership changed several times and it was also set in flames twice.


After the fire it was thoroughly renovated by an innkeeper from Ljubljana named Jožef Savinšek. It has been home to the Museum of White Carniola since 1951. The museum is a particularly interesting destination for a landscape that stretches from Kolpa river to the Uskoks hills and is geographically, scientifically, ethnically and culturologically so special. This land has been marked by various historical events.


The Museum of White Carniola is one of the most important partners in the Land of Uskoks project, therefore we are including it in our first issue of the Krabat Svet magazine. The Von Schadowitz project team has coordinated a remarkable exhibition and included the Museum of White Carniola in the museum project with various exhibits. Among the most noticeable are definitely the female national costumes from Žumberak.