Portrait of Johann von Schadowitz

Hans-Jürgen Schröter discovered that Krabat is not just a mythical character from a legend, but a real person. So he embarked on a research journey to find out more about  the life of a cavalry officer (hussar) Johann von Schadowitz and discovered that he was born into an Uskok family named Šajatovic in the Sichelberg region/Agram area, which means Žumberak (the Croatian side of the mountain range Gorjanci)/Zagreb district. He came across this discovery completely by chance. He was browsing, as per usual, through the national archive’s documents since he was a professional genealogist and stumbled upon a letter that mentioned Johann von Schadowitz. The document was signed and authorised with a wax seal that used to be carried around on the ring finger by all noblemen. He magnified the wax imprint and noticed that it read Janko Šajatovic. An incredible international story, which today links Slovenia, Croatia and Germany, was born on that day. Its potential is remarkable, since tracing back the footsteps of Uskoks leads to some of the most interesting places in Europe and other continents. The role of Uskoks will finally be unravelled as it was supposed to be. Every day we unveil something new as we learn over and over how strategically important for entire Europe was the settlement of Uskoks in our lands. Ever since Hans-Jürgen Schröter made contact with Monika Bracika (from the Šajatovic family) from Metlika, dozens of experts, scholars and historians have taken upon themselves to reveal the history of Krabats from the Land of Uskoks. The Von Schadowitz travel agency team was among the first to associate itself via business partners with Hans-Jürgen Schröter and will be as such regularly briefed about any new developments, related to Uskoks of the Military frontier. Thus we can ensure that the tourist programmes will be original, innovative and interesting.